Arnaldo González. Caracas, Venezuela  / Visual artist whose creation spans over multiple medias like drawing, collage, artist book, experimental video, sound and photography. 

My works are focused on reconstruction of the human bodies by forming and deforming its forms in which I discover differents entityies. I usually take my own body as a reference for my work which leads me to rethink the concept of the self-portrait into the visual poetry".

- a  r  t  w  o  r  k  s -

Since 2009 I keep working on my series of drawings that I call Rostros y Rastros "Faces and Traces" and since 2015 my other series called Quiénes "Who". My drawings start from my imagination based on my memory related to the human body. I look for them to represent how the expression of the human body is abstracted step by step. I am interested in playing with the emotions in the viewer through the lines and color in my drawing that mostly invites them to identify some identity. Sometimes I mix the drawing with digital prints of photographic fragments and collage. In this way, my work unites different media. I take my drawing to other formats too like artists' books. Since 2017 I have started a project that I have called "Arrive and go" where I intervene the content of books of different sizes through drawings, sketches and textures on paper to generate a poetic experience. In this project I am inspired from the finished book to create sound poetry. Then the viewer not only has the opportunity to connect with my work from the visual but also from the sounds.

Arrive and Return I and "Alles is schnell vergessen"
Artist´s Books

V  I  D  E  O 

I usually represent my work with human body with video creation too. Inspired mainly by the awareness of the changes in the body language and its intimate interaction with the landscape from my surrealist imaginary. The self-portrait is very present in my videos because I use my own body as a medium. Although this is not limiting for my work. Among my series of videos I also have experiementations with the video contemplation of the landscape.

Short film, 2016
Experimental film poetry based on the moment when we decide to build a new home to a new location.

Video poetry, 2010. Single channel, color, sound, 00:02:11

Arnaldo González
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