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I am visual artist. I work with mixed media drawings on different supports such as cardboard, photographic paper, canvas and artist's books. I usually use materials like pens, markers and acrylic paint mixed with digital collages. My drawings outline moods and feelings. I work with wax too on some very delicate papers, which makes them translucent and underlines the sensitive nature of differents "soul landscapes". My inspirations depends on my perpections about the human body. I discover differents entityies by forming and deforming its forms and how they merge sometimes with geographical spaces that my imagination represents intuitively.  

Revelaciones, Arnaldo González (wax, pencil, marker, acrilic on paper)
Drawing, Arnaldo González, Visual Artist

Arnaldo González. Caracas, Venezuela / Visual artist whose creation spans over multiple medias like drawing, collage, artist book, experimental video, sound and photography. 


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FONIS Galerie

Lindenstrasse 90, 40233

Telefon: +49.211.96668010


galerie holzhauer hamburg

Borselstraße 9, 22765

Telefon: +49 (0) 170 411 72 93

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